Address and prevent teeth grinding effects.

Do you grind your teeth at night or during the day?

Chronic teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) affects around 13% of adults and is also common among children and teenagers. Symptoms like jaw or neck soreness, dull headaches, tooth sensitivity, and worn enamel may indicate teeth grinding during sleep or unconsciously while awake.

At Blu Dental, we offer advanced, patient-centered dental care for all ages. If you suspect bruxism, our Blu Dental dentists can diagnose and suggest effective treatments to ease symptoms and restore oral health. Book online or call (305) 2100-BLU to begin your journey.

What are the signs of teeth grinding?

While occasional teeth grinding or jaw clenching is considered normal and usually not a major concern, persistent bruxism can lead to various health issues. Many individuals experiencing bruxism-related effects may not realize they grind their teeth until significant symptoms emerge.

Key symptoms of teeth grinding often include:

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, we can assist in identifying teeth grinding as the potential cause and create a suitable treatment and prevention strategy.

Approaches to address teeth grinding.

Custom Night Guards

Should you grind your teeth while sleeping, we can craft a tailored night guard to mitigate bruxism, addressing and preventing adverse effects. Our night guards are meticulously designed to offer both durability and flexibility, ensuring your utmost comfort throughout your sleep. Learn More.

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