Dentists offer flexible care without contracts to empower patients.

We provide modern, comfortable dentistry that reduces pain.

At Blu Dental, we believe that dental care is more than just healthy teeth and gums. It is about establishing a relationship based on trust, comfort, and understanding. Our practice operates on a fee-for-service model, which prioritizes your dental health, preferences, and satisfaction.

As a fee-for-service practice, our goal is to provide personalized, high-quality dental care that meets your specific needs. We are not limited by the constraints of insurance-based practices, enabling us to concentrate on what matters most – offering top-notch dental care tailored to you.

What is fee-for-service dentistry?

Fee-for-service dentistry is when patients pay for dental services at the time of their appointment. Unlike insurance-based practices where predetermined services and costs are outlined in the patient’s dental insurance policy, fee-for-service allows the dentist to propose a wide range of treatments without restrictions from insurance coverage.

This model gives dentists more autonomy over the treatment plan while giving patients the freedom to choose from a variety of treatment options based on their dental health needs and preferences. Overall, fee-for-service dentistry offers patients and dentists flexibility and options, ultimately leading to better dental care.

Why Choose Us?

“This office offers modern dental care and experienced professionals to help you attain a confident smile. Book your appointment today.”

— Tesla Y.

Dentistry of the utmost quality.

Our incentive to provide exceptional dental care is driven by our fee-for-service approach. This model allows us to offer an extensive range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, without being restricted by insurance regulations.

Increased management of your healthcare.

The option of fee-for-service dentistry enables you to have the flexibility to select the dentist who you believe is the best fit for your needs. There are no limitations on seeing a dentist who is out of your network.

I assist and guide you personally.

Our dentists have the liberty to suggest procedures and methodologies customized to meet your particular requirements, as we are not restricted to the services covered by your insurance plan.

Treatment is affordable.

By working without the involvement of any insurance network, we are able to establish a reasonable and predetermined cost for the various procedures we offer. This approach enables us to avoid having fees determined by a third-party insurance provider.

Save and budget for your future.

Our priority is to promote preventative care and education to help you evade invasive and costly treatments down the line. We aim to keep you healthy with minimal dental treatment. The less dental work required to preserve your health, the more advantageous it is for you.

Absolutely! Patients with insurance are more than welcome.

We accept most dental insurances.

If you have dental insurance, we will collect your estimated co-payment when you receive the service. We will then file a claim with your insurance company on your behalf. If there is any outstanding balance, we will contact you for final payment.

Call us at (305) 2100-BLU to find out more.

Patient feedback drives our care commitment.


1,000 + 5-star reviews!

Without a doubt, the most exceptional dental care provider ever visited. I highly recommend this dentist to anyone.

— Garrik G

Dr. H and their team are exceptional – they are actively involved, supportive, skillful, and incredibly impartial. You can trust that they prioritize your physical and mental wellness.

— Bryn F.

I had a great experience with them. They were punctual and highly professional. What stood out for me was their non-pushy approach as they did not attempt to persuade me to buy anything beyond what I came for.

— Clyde C.

Absolutely impressed with this team’s commitment to patient comfort and non-judgmental care. Their approach is refreshing, ensuring every patient feels understood and supported in their dental health journey. If you’re looking for excellent care and treatment without the fear of judgment, this is the place to be!

— John K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? We’re ready to help. Give us a call at (305) 2100-BLU.

In a fee-for-service setup, you and your dentist enjoy greater independence in determining your treatment plan. This means that our dental professionals can suggest a wider variety of treatments without being bound by the limitations of an insurance policy. You also have the freedom to select from these different options depending on your individual requirements and preferences.

Sure, we’d be happy to assist our patients by offering a convenient service. We’ll collect your estimated co-payment and file a claim with your insurance provider as a gesture of good will. It’s important to note that in case of any outstanding balance after insurance coverage, we’ll get in touch with you to resolve it.

The decision to choose a dental care model depends on your individual requirements, likes, and budget. Opting for a non-contracted dental care provider in the form of Village Dental could be a suitable option if you prefer personalized care, prioritize excellent quality, desire more authority over your treatment choices, and prioritize preventive measures for your oral health. If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team would be delighted to have a conversation with you!